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No Contracts  -  No Demos  -  No Travel Expenses  -  One & Done Technology Training!

Our Mission

Emerald Infotainment Specialists provides a total solution for dealerships, specifically for the following prevalent problems:

  • Challenges operating and properly demonstrating infotainment systems

  • Low CSI scores related to technological aspects of the vehicle 

  • Low new car sales due to obstacles connecting with the modern-day car buyer during the sales process

  • Low customer retention due to lack of loyalty or mistrust

  • High employee turnover rates due to insufficient training

Our Method

Emerald Infotainment Specialists provides hands on training for both the sales and the service department specific to infotainment and in-vehicle technology in order to increase dealership profitability in 3 major ways:

  1. Increase new car sales by using infotainment as a tool to connect with customers during the sales process

  2. Reduce turnover by providing innovative and ongoing training to employees

  3. Increase customer retention by implementing a marketing strategy that ties customer technology questions to service appointments